Management assessments and KPA structuring

Performance Management Assessments have the following potential benefits:

* Improve leadership skills and overall productivity in the workplace

* Create a working environment focused on teamwork and customer service 

* Create staying power

Performance Management Assessments aim to identify candidates who:

* Can contribute to improving business operations and business productivity 

* Are able to coach and mentor staff to achieve better customer service levels 

* Will drive the business forward to new levels of success

Key Performance Areas (KPA’s)

The information gathered from the Performance Management Assessments (PMA’s) are used to identify the Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) for the business which are then converted into Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for managers.

Each manager receives an individual performance scorecard with his/ her own KPI’s and on a regular basis, their performance are evaluated against the KPI’s on their scorecards. To further enhance performance and motivation, an incentive may be linked to the manager’s performance scorecard.