The School for Restaurant Management (SRM)


The School for Restaurant Management (SRM) is a training school that specializes in the training of aspirant and existing managers in the restaurant industry. Our team of facilitators has extensive practical experience in the restaurant business as well as first-hand knowledge of the skills required to be a successful restaurant manager. 

Our key focus is to prepare, train and deliver a better quality manager in an industry that offers an extremely challenging working environment. Our training interventions will provide individuals with the necessary competence and tools to become more effective and efficient in the workplace. Success breeds success and a competent manager is more likely to see the benefits of a long term career in restaurant management. This will reduce turnover and related costs and create more stability in your establishment.

Our training courses and interventions are developed by current franchise and independent restaurant owners, as well as recognized senior managers in the industry.

In addition to our management training programs, we also offer extensive training and development for other front line staff and waiters who are a crucial component in the industry.

SRM aims to provide training that is realistic, practical and state-of-the-art. Our training is aligned with the latest trends in restaurant management.

All training material is industry specific and applies to Restaurants in the South African environment. 

Some of the benefits of completing a SRM training course include:

  • Acquiring the competence and skills to become a more efficient manager / employee;
  • Gaining knowledge on how to successfully steer a career in the restaurant industry 
  • Becoming productive
  • Creating staying power and reducing staff turnover
  • Building  motivation to pursue a career in the restaurant business

SRM offers the following training and other interventions:

  • Training programs for restaurant managers and other frontline staff (i.e. waiters) 
  • Recruitment and placement of restaurant staff (managers, chefs and waiters)
  • Mystery shopper investigations, analyses and reports 
  • Marketing and promotion services
  • Assistance with Performance Management Programs and Assessments 
  • General consulting 


Our panel of training facilitators and consultants consists are highly recommended as owners and managers of some of the leading restaurants in South Africa, as well as prominent specialists in the restaurant management recruitment field. 

Our services, courses and programs are flexible and can be customized at your request.  

For more information and to arrange a personal meeting, don’t hesitate to contact us.